hmu if u wanna date a piece of shit

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AU ideas!


➸ gets into a cab only to find someone else already inside AU
out walking their dog who starts chasing after the other person’s dog AU
cat/dog runs away and other person finds it AU
mistaken identity AU
pen pals AU
sit next to each other in orchestra AU
partners in (literal) crime AU (theft? fraud? hacking? murder?)
partners in dance class AU
trapped on a deserted island together AU
wizard AU where one accidentally apparates into the wrong house
protester and police officer AU
lab partners AU
new neighbors AU
one’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice AU
hair stylist/make up artist and actor/model AU
bffs when they were little but one moved away and they run into each other again AU
mailman(/woman) and person who receives a lot of mail AU
private detective and client AU
➸ archaeologist AU
paramedic AU
runaway royalty and confused commoner AU
android and human AU
ghosts in love AU
go to the same support group AU
just keep running into each other everywhere AU
orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer AU
younger siblings are best friends AU
photographer and model AU
writer and editor AU
immortal and non-immortal AU
➸ screenwriter and director AU
greek god and roman counterpart AU

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how to you call legolas when he’s in the middle of nowhere and not knowing where to go?


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Reblog if you are a woman who is offended by the lyrics in Blurred Lines


I will be writing a sociological research paper about the effects of the lyrics in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.

Please reblog this if you are a female who finds the lyrics of this song offensive or upsetting.

The equal post for men can be found here and for nonbinary/genderqueer here.

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hey friend

dont kill yourself tonight ok

you have a really pretty smile and i know its not always easy to manage one but itd be a bummer if we never had the chance to see it ever again

youre really important and you matter a lot so stay safe and try and have a nice sleep

I would like a moment to thank the people who reblog post like this so that it eventually shows on my dash.

It is keeping me alive


a list of very important things

  • the way that leonard breathes “james” in the stillness of sleep and darkness like he’s sending prayers of thanks and praise to the heavens
  • when jim claps his hand onto leonard’s back in greeting and leonard leans into it for just a second too long before he greets jim in return
  • the silence of amiable companionship broken only by soft breaths and the quiet tapping and pen strokes of stylus on PADD
  • bottles of beer clinking as leonard and jim sit back to back, legs sprawled out on the floor of their room because they’re too lazy to get up and sit on the couch
  • faint vibrations rumbling through jim’s chest straight into leonard, cushioned comfortably on top of jim, as jim reads Hamlet out loud, glasses perched on his nose
  • jim grinning sunnily at leonard as leonard turns away grumbling, but only to hide the faint smile that’s threatening to break out across his face

I was terminated from volunteer services because apparently I didn’t contact them…

my characters are taking on my sense of fashion and I don’t know if this is good or bad..

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